Hello world…Me in a Nutshell!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am one boring person!  I’m simple, common & not overly complex, I don’t really have anything important or impressive to say.  I mean I’m not an intellectual poet.  Heck, most of my poetic attempts are sappy blurbs that might as well start out with “Roses are Red”.  I’m not part of any cliques.  You can’t really stereotype me to any certain group of people.  I’m not “Preppy”, “Punk”, “Ghetto”, “Redneck”, “Emo” or any other catch phrase that seems to be “In” these days.  I have friends in all genres and I get along with each & every one of them.  I’m not married and I have no children.  I do have my pets…they are always there for me and don’t give me much backtalk.  I don’t have an eating disorder per say.  I am overweight, and fully aware of it.  But I’ve come to realize at this point in my life, there’s not much more I can try.  (Or would want t try)  I have no addiction to speak of, nor am I recovering from one…I’m just Me!  Take me as I am…LOVE me or LEAVE me.  Simple as that!  I have my own issues and my own flaws.  My issues may be dismal and obsolete compared to others, but to me they are real.  I’m REAL!  I try to understand others, while in reality I barely understand myself.  We ALL need a little understanding.  I never claim to be interesting, I usually ramble on and on about ridiculously incoherent thoughts.  But, I AM ME…This is who I am!

Welcome to my not so glamorous life!


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